About the GCMRRC

We are a not for profit club bringing together modelers of all scales interested in expanding their knowledge and modeling abilities.  Established in 1989, there are 22 active members, our board consists of seven officers and committeemen who guide the club in activities and goals.

We started in 1989 with a six foot model of the railroad museum.  We continued expanding the Galveston railroad one module at a time until we 'closed the loop'.  We are now able to operate three main lines independently in a continuous non-stop loop. While many features of the original model of the Galveston railroad remain in the layout, new and diverse modules have been added providing a blend of industry, culture, and Americana scenes.

Scenes include:

  • 18 feet of switching yard
  • Detailed museum model
  • Galveston Bay area
  • British Victorian estate scene
  • Pre-1954 causeway bridge and crossing
  • One of Galveston's 3 turntables and round houses
  • Galveston Railroad Station
  • and many other railroading scenes

As you look at the display, take your time and enjoy the hundreds of little details that make up the overall layout, from the old woman rocking on the porch to the carnival rides that move.

Periodically we hold seminars on 'how to' aspects of railroading.  Be sure to visit this site again for postings of future events.