N-Scale Layouts

We have three N-scale layouts available for viewing... a traveling layout we use for visits and train shows, a large N-scale layout that remains at the museum for tours (the largest of all of our club's layouts), and a smaller N-scale layout placed on a gurney for hospital visits.

Traveling N-Scale Layout
N-Scale City
Our "traveling Layout" is a 3' by 36' N-scale  modular unit, designed for easy break down and set up.  We began construction in January 1998.   The layout was constructed in N-scale using a modular concept to allow us to transport the unit to area exhibitions and train shows.  The entire module can be disassembled and loaded for travel in about 1 1/2 hours and set up and running again in three hours. 

There is a  large staging area behind the "sky boards" which allows us to run several trains at once.  The layout includes over 40 animated scenes (several are interactive) that bring life to the layout.  This layout has been awarded several first and second-place ribbons in area train shows. 

The N-scale traveling layout is a work in progress.  We are continually incorporating new ideas and adding new animation and details.  

Trackside Maintenance

Large N-Scale Layout
Large N-Scale Harbour
The Large N-scale layout consists of modules created by our club members.  Scenes include a factory, a fishing pond, a railroad yard, an English village, a model of a port, the old Galveston railroad crossing, the Galveston Train Museum and yard, a town, a carnival, a sand pit, and much more.

The layout measures 32' x 46' in floor space with 716' of main line track , which is equivalent to 21.7 scale miles.  Due to the large size  of the layout, Aristocrat remote controls and Digitrax DCC controls are used to operate the trains on each of the three main lines.  Switches are operated by DCC or control boards located in different areas of the layout.

This year DCC was installed on all three lines of the N-scale layout.  We can now run either analog and DCC operations by just the flip of a switch.  

The Large N-scale layout also includes animation such as:
  • Working windmill 
  • Police car 
  • Helicopter 
  • Gas station auto lift 
  • Fishermen catching fish 
  • Turning signs 
  • Children's playground 
  • Hobo camp 
  • Welding machine effects 
  • Steam donkey 
  • Grandma rocking on porch 
  • Major wreck on the highway 
  • Oil well pumping 
  • Working crane 
  • Water tower 
  • Barney and Baby Bop
N-scale Gurney Layout
We also have a third much smaller N-scale layout constructed on a gurney. The layout is small, but highly portable and easy to set up making it ideal to move in and out of hospital rooms.